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Jan Kucker

Psychic Medium & Intuitive

707.579.4809 Landline Phone



Psychic medium and intuitive Jan Kucker shows you the art of empowering your heart and soul.

Through connecting you with your guardian angels and spirit guides, she helps women transform old, negative beliefs and reawaken to their true inner beauty. A positive, upbeat visionary, Jan helps you experience a life filled with joy, love and laughter.

Intuitive Coach * Confidant * Catalyst For Change

In your reading, your angels and spirit guides, want to empower you, so you can embrace your destiny––to live a fulfilling life and to remember how beautiful, powerful and wise you are meant to be.

Through the medium work, Jan loves connecting loved ones with those who've crossed over. Many times the personality of the one, who's passed, comes through so loud and clear, that it's undeniable that it is their beloved who's relaying the message to them. It's so wonderful to know their loved one is doing so well in the pearly gates of heaven.

*Learn Who Your Guardian Angels Are
*Connect With Loved Ones Who've Passed On
*Learn Who Were You In A Past Life
*Questions On Love
*What's My Purpose In This Life?

Connections is my preferred networking group in Sonoma County. I have been a member since 2004 because the culture of the group is uplifting, supportive and all about authentic connection. If you want to build relationships and do business with fabulous women, Connections is the place to be!

—Cynthia Riggs,
MBA, Business Consultant
The Biz Diva

This networking organization is different! Its members are warm and welcoming while also professional and focused. I’ve learned so much through the speakers, the relationships I've built and participating on the Board. Come see for yourself — it's a lot of fun!

—Donna Colfer, AFC, CMC, Financial Counselor
Building Wealth From Within

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